Using Dialpad? Read this

CurrentClient is focused on financial advisors. Dialpad is focused on general communication.

Using Dialpad? Read this
Using Dialpad? Read this
March 20, 2024

Some thoughts about Dialpad

There are several text based options on the market and one we get asked about a lot is Dialpad.

Dialpad's focus

Dialpad is doing some really great work. They have released several updates to their app with a heavy focus on AI lately. When you look at some the companies they are advertising as users on their site, you see some of the biggest companies in the world. T-Mobile, Uber, LA Chargers, Re-max are some other major brands they have listed on their site.

In general they have extensive functionality built for medium-large teams into enterprise services. I would say, if you are happy with them, you may not need to change anything.

CurrentClients' focus

At CurrentClient we are focused on solo-advisors and small-med size RIAs. We are focused on direct integrations with CRMs like Wealthbox and Redtail, making sure that data flows between us and the CRM really well like connecting your archiver email to keep your compliant record.

We don't pretend to have everything they have, and if you made a list their features then it would for sure be longer than ours. However, we believe more is not always better.

Here a few notable things we have that they do not:

- Direct integration with advisor CRMs

- Broadcast texts to audiences based on CRM data

- Auto schedule messages based on CRM data (review reminder, bday, anniversary etc..)

- Sequences for 30-60-90 type messaging for new clients (coming soon)

If you’d like to see it for yourself, start a free trial with CurrentClient and reach out if you have any questions at (bet you don’t have the Dialpad CEO’s email 😉)