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Get more from your CRM

Double entry is not fun and wastes your time. Automatically sync your contacts to the CurrentClient app from your CRM. Your conversation history will be synced back to the client record in your CRM.

Popular CRM Integrations
Enjoyable To use

Upgrade your text inbox

Personal phones or general purpose phone systems don't do enough for you. Upgrade to one that works directly with your CRM. This inbox helps you stay organized so no client is ever overlooked.

Stay Compliant

Archive all your conversations

Get all of your conversations archived to any compliance email you need. Also, you can save client conversations to their client record in your CRM. All data is encrypted when transferred and when stored.

Popular Archiver Integrations
Don't see yours? We support archiving to any journal address email
Do more faster

Reach everyone with a broadcast

Promote a client appreciation event, send a holiday greeting, or share a company update. You can target specific groups of clients by filtering them based on your CRM data.

Automate the right things

Auto schedule messages based on CRM data

We can schedule messages for you based on birthdays, anniversaries, or any other custom fields you have in your CRM. Messages are scheduled 7 days in advance, so you have a chance to personalize them when you need.

CHeck in more often

Discover opportunities with 45 second surveys

Easily check in and discover your clients' needs. Pick a template from our library, customize your questions, and send your survey.

Keep it in the CRM

Automatically capture responses in your CRM

When a client submits a survey, you will get their responses added to their client record.

Compliant Communication

With a touch of thoughtful automations
Responses We Hear often

What will your clients say?

"Thanks for reaching out! Your timing is impeccable, I have a todo item to give you a call today."

Anticipate Needs

"Thank you for always keeping us in the loop! We really appreciate it and tell everyone we can how great you are."

Nurture Raving Fans

"Good to hear from you. I have been feeling uncertain about some things and would really like to touchbase."

Lead With Advice

Standout when you need to

Use video to make communication more digestable

Educate, respond, and update with personal videos. Get your message across fast and allow your clients to respond on their own time.

Other Features

Everything you need, nothing you don't

iOS and Android app
Contact versioning
Auto schedule texts
A2P DLC registration
SMS templates
Business hours
Auto replies
Scheduled messages
Opt-out management
Virtual Cards
Access to tutorials
Call recording
Send to archive
Global search

We can help you be consistent

And your clients will love it

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost of your app?

CurrentClient is a monthly subscription. You can view the plan options on our pricing page.

Are you a CRM?

If you don't have a CRM, CurrentClient can function as a very simple CRM to keep track of your clients. We recommend using one of the CRM integrations though to really get a more complete CRM. View our CRM integrations page to learn more.

Do you integrate with my CRM?

We have several integrations already built out. Check out the integrations page to see if yours is there, or message us if you want to request a new integration.

Are you compliant?

We follow the latest A2P DLC regulations. Part of your onboarding is registering your business according to these regulations.  

If you have compliance requirements for your firm, we can archive all messages to your email and also work to build out a custom integration directly with your archiver.

Note: Additional fees may apply for custom integrations.

Can I use my existing number?

We can often bring your number in from your existing provider. This is a case by case situation so just reach out to us and we will walk you through the entire process.

Do you have iOS and Android apps?

Yes! Both. You can use the mobile apps with no additional charge.

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