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The only texting platform designed to nurture your clients and reap heaps of leads from your referral partners

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Yep, we know what you are thinking, texting platforms are the new fad.

But CurrentClient is the only tool designed to...

Let clients update their own info

Discover the sales you're missing

Actually get you referrals

Be easy on your wallet


Heritage Solutions Group

CurrentClient has been amazing! The response from my clients has more than exceeded my expectations.


Cambridge Financial

CurrentClient has completely turned the tables on how to align with strategic partners and accelerate the process on how to help people

Nuture + Grow

You have to sow before you reap. We think of this as Nurture and Grow. We want to give you the tools to nuture your clients. Help them feel special. When that relationship is solid, they will help you grow.

It's what you'd expect in a texting platform. Plus some.

Be a nice human

Email is dead, and texting is alive. Dont just talk business with them. Use Emoji’s, Gif’s, and Cat Pictures to create an authentic relationship.

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No more wrong numbers

Keep your client book accurate and up to date with automated audits. We flipped keeping accurate records on its head. Now your clients will share their changes with you.

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A tool specific for professionals with a client book

CurrentClient is the communication platform that aids you in nurturing your current clients. And the only tool that also lets you connect with referral partners.

Know your clients better

Every once in a while you should send your clients a discovery form. Basically, it just runs through what you should know about whats going on in their life. Know thy client.

More than a referral

Its not just a name and number. Work together with your business partners to take a holistic approach to providing for all of your clients needs together.


Don't miss an easy sale

Use CurrentClient to find untapped value with your own clients.

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Proven Industries

CurrentClient is industry agnostic. Our goal is to make it possible for more business professionals to work together. And for your clients to get high quality service from you and your trusted partners.



CurrentClient has provided us with a way to stay top of mind with our clients and uncover new opportunities to assist them.


Tencap Wealth Coaching

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CurrentClient has been amazing! The response from my clients has more than exceeded my expectations... I can't wait to "unlock" its full potential


Heritage Solutions Group

Don't see your industry? Lets brainstorm your strategy.

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Nurture clients & Generate referrals


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