Integrate with Wealthbox

Learn how to integrate the modern CRM for financial advisors with the modern communications app.


You have worked hard to setup your CRM and keep your contacts up to date. Nice job! Let's take advantage of that effort and connect CurrentClient to Wealthbox. Everyday, CurrentClient will copy your contacts core information so you can message your clients in CurrentClient.

As message activity occurs in CurrentClient, we will send a daily summary as a note to the client's record in Wealthbox.

Step to connect

Creating the integration with CurrentClient you will need to perform the following steps:

Go to your settings
  • Once in Settings, click on "Connectors" on the left side bar.
  • Once in Connectors, click on 'Add Connector" and select the Wealthbox CRM option
  • Now, login to Wealthbox and navigate to your Wealthbox CRM settings. Go to the section in settings called “API Access” and create a new Access Token.
  • Navigate back to CurrentClient, and put the api token you created in Wealthbox inside the CurrentClient input.
  • Optionally, you can add a filter based on Client Status to limit which clients will be synced to CurrentClient.
  • Continue the process to create this connector.
  • Once created, click on 'CRM Sync' on the left side of the page.
  • Once in CRM Sync settings page, you will select the connector you just created and enable the sync and save.

Create a Wealthbox connector in settings


With the integration in place, you will get conversation notes on your clients record in Wealthbox, you will keep the clients in sync between the systems, and you will be able to create tasks from messages received by your clients.

Conversation notes on WealthBox record

Conversations will be added as a note on client record daily

Sync contacts to CurrentClient

Wealthbox contacts inside CurrentClient

Create task from message

Create task in Wealthbox from message