Internal best practices and world-class providers.

Third Party Providers

Amazon Web Services
All our applications run inside AWS. We use them for our app servers and our app database. AWS is the juggernaut of cloud services.
All our our sms messaging is done through Twilio. The leader of third party sms services. We register our phone numbers to them and then when user send message we send the request to Twilio and they interface with the national carriers.
Flatfile handles our client upload process. They make it easy to map and format any .csv or .xlsx file so it can be uploaded into the CurrentClient system.
Doc Raptor
Doc Raptor convert our reports to PDF. The reports consist of stats around campaign engagement and client first and last names with the lead items they requested the rep to follow up on.
Algolia is a popular search index that allows for easy search and filtering capabilities over a dataset. We use Algolia to hold the users lead records. So it will have a first and last name, phone and sometimes the email of any client that has been identified as a lead.
All of the user payments are handled by stripe. They are a very popular payments provider for saas companies. CurrentClient doesnt store or charge any credit cards. It is all handled by Stripe.